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Stand up Comedy

Αίθουσα Ηρακλής
1 Ιουνίου

Founded in 2019, the Athens English Comedy Club is the first, and only, purely English comedy club in Greece - bringing you local and international comedians, right in the heart of Athens.


In the last 4 and a half years the Athens English Comedy Club has hosted lineup shows, open mic shows, online competitions, and comedy workshops, with *120* local and international comedians from *28 countries*.


Join us at the 6th annual Athens Comedy Festival and catch some of the best English speaking comedians in the city!

*The show is in English*

Με τους: Athina Kefalopoulos, Dominik Sits, Kinthia, Lambros Fisfis, Odysseas Deniz Ürem, Rasheed Ghalli, Stavroula Pabst, Dimitris Botsas, Dimitri Doukoglou

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